Thursday, April 10, 2014

News And Events - Summary

Ukraine is still unstable with Russian troops poised at the border (as evidenced by new satellite photographs). Russia has threatened to turn off natural gas supplies to Ukraine if it does not receive payment for past natural gas deliveries. Protesters still occupy several government buildings across eastern Ukraine. Nothing has been resolved yet. There were no new developments in Venezuela and no major news from Syria. The search for the missing airliner still continues in the Indian Ocean.

There were a couple of major developments in the U.S. today. The first is that it was announced that the current head of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius is resigning. I for one am not surprised considering the fiasco that the roll out for the Affordable Healthcare Act was. So who will replace her (and who is dumb enough to take the job)? The second was the beating on Wall St. today. Stocks sold off with the NASDAQ getting hammered. Gold, silver, and bonds were higher in what looks like a move to safety. Fortunately oil was down a bit.

Though it was another day in the calm before the storm, things are getting interesting and maybe there are clouds forming on the horizon?

What do you think?