Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Economy - California

Do you want to know how to mess things up? Look at California and you will have a very good example. Besides high taxes, high poverty, huge government, and a basic economic mess, California is good at going all in when it comes to social experiments. Take the Affordable Healthcare Act for example. California leads the nation in enrollment with over 2 million people enrolled. Now that was touted as great news, with one omission. More and more doctors are not accepting insurance from the Affordable Healthcare Act leaving the over 2 million people enrolled with fewer and fewer doctors to choose from. If this continues there will be a massive shortage of doctors for all the people enrolled. So there might be more people with health insurance, but they will not be able to see a doctor because there will not be any! California is a leader in the U.S. for what not to do. At least the weather is great!

What do you think?