Sunday, April 6, 2014

Chromebook - More Evidence Of Success

Just about every day I find another story of someone or some organization using chromebooks successfully. In Brooklyn, New York, Egan Construction Company has about 200 Chromebooks being used by supervisors to replace their old, paper based timecard and filing system. So far Chromebooks have worked out well for them and they like the fact that they are inexpensive and secure. There is a real estate agent in St. Paul, Minnesota, who bought a Chromebook for her father and ended up using it more herself for her business and for blogging (which is what I use it for). Finally, there is how many school districts are turning to Chromebooks in order to provide one for each student. Since Chromebooks are so inexpensive it is possible to let every student use one and not go bankrupt or deep in debt. Is Chromebook going to replace Windows or Macs? That is doubtful, but Chromebook does have it's place and will continue to succeed.

What do you think?