Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Chromebook - Business Application

Auberge Resorts has been migrating from Windows XP based systems to Chromebooks for a while now and things are going well. Using Google Drive and Gmail, the hotel and resort company has been successful in bridging all the issues of switching to a new OS. They have also been able to work around some specific application issues that might have derailed the project. What has been the upside? Greater security and much lower costs. In fact, much, much lower costs. Chromebooks have a place in business especially if what is needed is email and basic computing. The cost and security just make good sense and you do not have to worry about an OS being killed off or having to pay for an upgrade that will not work. Chromebooks are not perfect and they have their limits, but they are cheap and secure. Oh yeah, they work!. That's why they will succeed.

What do you think?