Sunday, April 13, 2014

Chromebook - Google Drive

I use Google Drive extensively. I like the fact that I can access my files and edit them (or create them) on any device I own. I am not a "power" user, so whatever limitations Google Drive might have, I have not encountered them. What's the best part of using Google Drive? It's free! Whatever expectations you might have, remember, it's free! Is Microsoft Office free? Don't make me laugh. I like free stuff. It doesn't cost me money (obviously). So what if it doesn't do everything Office can? It does enough and that's what I like about it. I think the other best part of Google Drive is that it finally makes computing possible for million of people who either can't afford Office, or in my case, don't want to pay for something they will never use. Over 120 million people currently use Google Drive. That is amazing, and they should all be using Chromebooks because if they are not, they are paying for systems they don't need.

What do you think?