Monday, April 14, 2014

Chromebook - Good For Schools

Another school district looks to introduce Chromebooks to all of their students. The Tyrone School District in Pennsylvania is piloting a one-to-one program with Chromebooks and will more than likely roll out Chromebooks to the majority of their students next year. I think Chromebooks are a great choice for schools. Why? Because they are the best fit for them. The purpose of giving students a computer is not to train them to use any particular device (or application), but to get them online so that they can learn to use all the resources that are now available. Training students to use a particular device (iPad, Macbook, Windows, etc..) is a waste of time since they will all be obsolete in a couple of years. Why waste resources on training students to work on machines that will eventually be obsolete? Training students to function online and in the cloud should be the goal since that will never be obsolete. Thus, getting students online as least expensively as possible is the best way to go. Guess what, Chromebooks are the way to do that. Now they will be obsolete in a few years, but they can be replaced easily, and the students are working in the cloud, not on the device. That's the future and that's what we should be training our students to do.

What do you think?