Saturday, April 5, 2014

Writing - Time And Space

In order to be more prolific when it comes to writing (and other artistic endeavors) it helps to set aside a specific time and place to write. I like to write first thing after I get up. I also like to write first thing when I get to work (before I am on the clock). I also like to write on my breaks and once I am home in the evening. I find this routine helps me put words on the page. I also like to write in the same places. I frequent a Starbucks near my workplace. It's a large one and there is usually a place to sit and write (plus the WIFI is pretty fast). I like going to the local library on occasion. I also have a place at home that I use when I write.

Setting a routine and having regular places to write helps your mind get into production mode quicker and the ideas and words start to flow sooner. Some other suggestions are to block time to write in your schedule, set up a writing "date", or even take a writing "vacation. When it comes to finding a place to write it might be a good idea to rent a small office if you can't find someplace to write. You might even check into a "virtual" office location that rents space by the hour. The whole point is to make the time and find the space to write. Then the words get put on the page.

What do you think?