Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Writing - Keeping A Journal

What is a journal? Is it like a diary where you write about what happened during your day? A journal can be that, but I like to use the term for so much more. To me, a journal is where I do write about my day, but I also write about anything else that crosses my mind. It is where I record and play with all the ideas I have. It is a place to write about the news and events that are going in in my life and in the world around me. I also use my journal to record all the writing I do. I write my blog posts there and I also cut and paste into it all the comments I make on other blogs or articles. For me, my journal is where I collect the output of my brain.

Now I keep my journal on my Chromebook (which works well for that), but you can keep a journal in any manner that suits you. You can keep a journal in a paper notebook and write in longhand. You can keep a journal on your favorite electronic device. You can even keep your journal on your smartphone. I know of one person who keeps a "video" journal. They make a short video everyday of whatever happens to be on their mind.

Once you start a journal you can use it to create other writing creations or use it to figure out what else you want to produce. It's a good place to "sketch out" your ideas in any form and way that you want. Go ahead and start a journal and see what you can do with it. Journaling has been invaluable to me and I think it will be invaluable for you.

What do you think?