Saturday, April 5, 2014

World News And Events - Venezuela

Venezuela is a country in chaos. As basic necessities run out, government services breakdown, and inflation becomes rampant, the people protest and the government cracks down. How can a country with one of the largest oil reserves in the world deteriorate so quickly to this level? Easy! Take socialism, corruption, lawlessness, and totalitarianism, mix it all together and you get chaos. The best system for governing mankind is a free market democracy with the rule of law equally enforced. When you have a law abiding, free market democracy, people prosper and hard work, positive effort, and self responsibility are rewarded. When you have socialism, corruption, lawlessness, and growing dependency, you end up with chaos. Why then does socialism and corruption still exist? Because there are too many people who care more about having power, controlling people, and imposing their political beliefs on others than on doing what is right for everyone. Socialism sucks, just look at Venezuela and you have all the proof you need (or look at Argentina, Greece, France, and Portugal).

What do you think?