Wednesday, April 2, 2014

News and events - Summary

Nothing major happened in the world today. Some more aftershocks in Chile. Ukraine, Venezuela, and El Salvador were quiet. There was some protesting in Spain. Nothing new from North and South Korea. Also, the Middle East was quiet as well.

In the U.S. there was a shooting at Fort Hood in Texas. 3 are dead, many are wounded, and the shooter took his own life. At the mudslide in the State of Washington the death toll is now at 29 with dozens still missing. The Supreme Court voted to allow unlimited contributions by individuals. So instead of funneling contributions through organizations, wealthy donors can now contribute directly to candidates without restriction. I wonder if the ruling will make much of a difference? President Obama is still pushing for a raise in the minimum wage, and the mess that is the Affordable Healthcare Act is still unfolding. Wait till the employer mandate kicks in.

And so, we have another day in the calm before the storm.

What do you think?