Wednesday, April 9, 2014

News and Events - Summary

It was basically a quiet day worldwide. Protesters still hold some buildings in eastern Ukraine. The government has given them a 48 hour notice to vacate or they will use force. In Venezuela the opposition will meet with the government under the mediation of the Vatican. In Syria not much has changed, but it looks as though there will be massive food shortages as the harvest this year is one of the lowest ever. In the rest of the middle east talks between Israel and the Palestinians has stalled. Finally, the search for the missing Malaysian passenger jet continues in the Indian Ocean as search vessels seek the planes black boxes.

In the U.S. there was an incident of school violence at a High School in Pennsylvania. Over 20 students were hurt by a student wielding 2 kitchen knives. The stock market had a big rally today probably in reaction to the FED reiterating that it will not raise interest rates anytime soon. Stocks are back in the black for the year!

Thus, it was another day in the calm before the storm.

What do you think?