Sunday, April 6, 2014

News And Events - Summary

Another quiet day across the globe and across the U.S. The only thing that caught my attention was that Home Mortgage rates were up. That's the last thing we need, but it is a sign that maybe we are at a reversal of all the easy money and interest rates will start to rise. Wait till that happens. Wall Street will definitely sell off then. Also, more evidence that they might have found the missing Malaysian airliners black boxes in the Indian Ocean. If that is the case then it is not likely that the jet was hijacked. Why hijack a plane and crash it in the middle of nowhere? I am starting to think that the plane suffered some catastrophic failure and in the attempt to save the crew and passengers, the pilots attempted to make a life saving maneuver and failed. Maybe the pilots were hero's? Will we ever know the truth?

It is going to be interesting to see what the stock markets do this week.

In any manner, it was another day in the calm before the storm.

What do you think?