Thursday, April 3, 2014

News and Events - Summary

It was a quiet day world wide. Nothing new in Ukraine, and more shaking in Chile, but nothing bigger than the one a couple of days ago. Venezuela has quieted a bit, but the government has gone crazy. Besides requiring a special ID to buy groceries, it has also mandated the sale of any building that is leased for 20 years, to be sold to the tenant in 60 days at the price the government thinks is fair. Is that not crazy or what? No news on the missing airliner. Nothing else major happened.

In the U.S., Fort Hood is trying to deal with another shooting, the clean up continues in the state of Washington, and the stock market rally has stalled. Oil is up, but gold and silver slipped a bit. The markets are waiting for the employment numbers that will be released tomorrow. Nothing else major happened.

Another day in the calm before the storm.

What do you think?