Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Economy - The Tech Market

The tech market is morphing into something very interesting. I would not have suspected that the giants would have been the ones we have now. 15 years ago Apple was just about dead. 15 years ago Samsung was a big company, in Korea. 15 years ago Google was just getting started. 15 years ago Amazon was a growing online book seller who would not go into electronics for several years. How did these four companies come to be the four largest tech companies in the world? How did they beat Microsoft, IBM, Intel, and Motorola (not to mention HP and Dell)?

As I think about these four companies the one thing they have in common is that they all use the internet to make money. Apple and Amazon deliver content and products over the internet. Google is "the" internet company. Samsung is the only one that does not have such a high profile on the internet. On the other hand, they do market quite a bit on the internet. Another thing these companies have is that they provide products that people want. Microsoft, Dell, HP, IBM, all have missed providing products that people want.

So how do you develop products people want? How does Apple provide stuff people want? How does Google? Amazon sells everything and Samsung makes everything. Is there a formula? Or is it just plain luck that these companies provided the products people wanted at the right time? I think more and more it is just the combination of the right people, at the right companies, developing the right products, at the right prices, at the right time.

What do you think?