Monday, April 7, 2014

Chromebooks - Schools

More and more schools are opting to use Chromebooks. The Ankeny School District (Iowa) piloted Chromebooks in some of their fifth grade classes and are now rolling them out to all fifth and sixth grade classes. Students, parents, teachers, and administrators are well pleased with how the pilot programs have gone and are expecting this next year to go well. Chromebooks were chosen because they offered all the applications that were needed by teachers and were cost effective to provide a laptop for each student to not only use in the class, but to also use at home. In upper grades iPads are being considered, but Chromebooks might still be an option. The district is now letting teachers pilot some devices in order to make a decision in the future.

I think Chromebooks are a good choice because they meet the needs of the classroom, but will not break the bank. Plus, there are fewer distractions on the Chromebook which is an issue in the classroom with iPads.

What do you think?