Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Chromebook - The Perfect Blogging Tool

Now that I have a blog to write for, it's important that I have the right tools to be able to write and publish posts for it. My Chromebook has been the perfect tool. I use Google Drive, which works flawlessly on my Chromebook, to write all my posts. I use the Chrome Browser to search the internet for ideas. I use Gmail for all my email needs, plus I can access all my other accounts without a problem. I use Blogger to host my blog which works perfectly with Chrome and my Chromebook. Also, my Acer C720 is light, fast, and has incredible battery life so that I am always able to work no matter where I am or what I might need to do. The Chromebook (and the Acer C720) is the perfect blogging tool.

What do you think?