Friday, February 28, 2014


Is it war in Ukraine? There are reports that Russian commandos have taken over an airport in Southern Ukraine. If this is true, then Russia has just invaded a sovereign country. Talk about a bold move. So what is the U.S. going to do? Unfortunately, we can't do much. What has kept countries from invading other countries till now? The threat of U.S. retaliation. Unfortunately the U.S. has proven to not take action over the last few years, and so rogue countries are now flexing their muscles knowing that the U.S. will more than likely not do much of anything. When the U.S. acts weak, then those countries who desire to impose their will and might on others will act. It is strength and the will to use full military force that will keep rogue states from imposing their will on other countries. If Russia gets away with this, how many other rogue countries will also flex their muscles? What will China, North Korea, and Iran do? Things are about to get very interesting, and scary.

What do you think?