Thursday, February 20, 2014

Ukraine and Venezuela

Things are getting worse in Ukraine and also in Venezuela. In Ukraine protesters are battling with police in the main square in the capital Kiev. Many have been killed on both sides. What will Russia do? Can it let one of it's oldest "satellites" move closer to Europe? I don't think so since many of Russia's oil pipelines run through Ukraine. I expect Russia will intervene directly after the Winter Olympics are over. The situation in Venezuela is deteriorating quickly as well. There are nation wide protests there and one of the opposition leaders has been arrested. Interestingly, he is being charged with terrorism. In Venezuela the issues are more economic than political, but in both countries it all has to do with freedom and quality of life. How long before things like this spread to other troubled countries like Italy, Portugal, Argentina, and Greece? Things are not better in the middle east as well. Look for a "Spring" event coming to a country near you soon.

What do you think?