Friday, February 21, 2014


One of the biggest problems any new system has is that users are invested in the system they already own. For example, for Chromebook to be successful it will have to lure people away from iPad and Kindle. I for one was reluctant to switch from using my iPad to using a Chromebook for that same reason. Fortunately, Google has made it easier to do so. I have invested a large sum of money in my music collection on my iPad. I thought I would have to start over on my Chromebook if I wanted to have the music available on it. Google has hit a homerun with Google Play Music. It matches all the music I have on my iPad (and Mac Mini and iPhone) for free! That is awesome. So as I type on my $200 Chromebook I am listening to all the music I have already paid for. Now if Google can do that for all the books I have purchased on my iPad, I would be in heaven.

What do you think?