Monday, February 17, 2014

Government spending

The people who run our government think that if they spend money it is a good thing. What they do not realize is that for the government to spend money it has to get it from someplace. Where do they get it from? They get it from the private sector. So when the government spends money it is actually taking money from the only place real jobs can be created, the private sector. That's because the government does not produce anything. It just takes from those who produce and spends it someplace else. For the economy to grow, it is the private sector that needs to grow and taking money from it to spend someplace else will not help. The best thing the government can do is get out of the way of the private sector and let it grow. Unfortunately that will not happen any time soon, so the economic morass we are in will linger for a while longer (if not for a lot longer).

What do you think?