Monday, February 10, 2014


I bought a Chromebook a few months ago on a whim. I thought I would just use it to mess around, but things have turned out differently. I use my Chromebook more than any other device I own. I use it more than my Mac Mini, more than my iPad 2, and even more than my iPhone 4. I never thought that would happen. Why do I use it more? Because the activity I do the most on any digital device is write words, which is much easier on my Chromebook since it has a built in physical keyboard. So far I am impressed with what I can do with a device that cost me $200. I am also surprised at how little it costs to do just about anything else on my Chromebook. Is my Chromebook the best device I own? No, far from it, but it is the cheapest I own, and it is versatile enough that I use it more than any other device. Go figure!

What do you think?