Monday, February 24, 2014

Is government helping?

Is the Government helping or hurting our economy? That depends on who you ask. Statists (those who like big government) point to all the economic indicators and say "Look at how much government has helped". Libertarians (those who do not like big government) point to things the government has gotten involved in and say "Everything the government touches, it ruins". So who is right? I think the libertarians are right. Just look at education. The government gets involved more and more each year in education and what has been the outcome? Dropout rates are higher, illiteracy is growing, and fewer and fewer students are actually gaining a meaningful education.

Having spent nearly 20 years as a teacher, I can say from personal experience that schools just keep getting worse not better. What is needed in education is freedom (which is a libertarian concept). That is, the freedom to choose what school to attend. The freedom to choose the curriculum. The freedom to choose not to attend. The freedom to fire teachers and administrators who are failing our students. Only then will schools get better. Unfortunately, most people feel that we need more government intervention. When will we finally say that more of the same is not working?

What do you think?