Monday, February 10, 2014


Argentina is the perfect example of why socialism does not work. First, socialism ends up consuming more and more money and eventually bankrupts the country and causes the currency to lose most if not all of it's value. Argentina is bankrupt and it's currency is being devalued on a daily basis. Second, socialism encourages people not to be productive. When you can live off what the government gives you and not have to produce anything, then you stop being productive. In Argentina you have whole segments of society who do nothing but wait for their government checks. Third, you have rampant corruption. When the only way to make money is to win government contracts, then you game the system in order to win. That encourages corruption, which is rampant in Argentina.

Socialism does not work in the long run, so why are we doing all we can to introduce it here in the U.S.? If we do not stop, we will end up just like Argentina.

What do you think?