Thursday, February 20, 2014

Rules to live by

I came across a couple of great rules to live by. The first is do no harm. The second is do what is right and good. The first one sounds like what guides doctors. It's a great rule because you can always opt for it. When in doubt, don't hurt anyone (or anything). It's simple to understand a remember, but it might not be so easy to keep. Just look around the world and you can see all kinds of harm being done. The second rule, do what is right and good, is hard. Why? Because doing what is right usually means doing what is right for others and not just for ourselves. It also cuts against our own natures. We usually seek what is best for ourselves, not necessarily what is right and good for all who are involved. I wonder what things would be like in our society if more people lived by these rules? I wonder what life would be like if our government followed these rules?

What do you think?