Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Writing - Just Because

I remember the first time my mom said "because I said so". I did not understand, but now that I have been a parent and a teacher I can see why she said it. Sometimes we do things just because we want to. Sometimes we tell others what to do because we want them to do it. Sometimes we are told what to do because someone else just wants us to do it. Yes I know, that does not make much sense. But hey, that's life right? So why not write just because? Go ahead, write because you want to. You don't need someones permission or approval. Just pull out a pen and a piece of paper (or open a document on you prefered digital device - boy have things changed) and start writing. Throw some words on the page "just because". Fill that notebook "just because". Sit down and start writing "just because".

What do you think?