Sunday, June 1, 2014

Chromebook - Android Laptop

It looks like HP is going to sell an Android OS based laptop. Is this a good idea? It could be. The one thing I find lacking in a tablet is a physical keyboard and that is what an Android laptop would provide. The question I have is what will this do to Chromebooks? I think Chromebooks are in between a full featured laptop and a tablet. Chromebooks give you most of the functions of a laptop and most of the functions of a tablet. In other words, it's not quite a laptop and not quite a tablet, but a mix of both. So will an Android based laptop take away from Chromebook sales? It might, but the starting price is $399, which is $200 more than a low priced Chromebook. If the price is correct, why not buy a cheap tablet and a cheap Chromebook for the same price? Lets see how an Android laptop will sell, then we might be able to tell how Chromebooks will do.

What do you think?

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