Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Future - Some More Trends To Watch

Here are some more trends to watch that might have a huge impact on the future:

* Gene Therapy - So many diseases are related to heredity. How awesome it would be if there was a way to minimize them? Well, gene therapy is attempting to do just that and might make great some amazing breakthroughs in the future. 100 years from now many of our worst inherited diseases could be eradicated.
* Anti-aging - In the future there will be more and more progress made in extending the life expectancy of everyone on the planet. 100 years from now people could easily be living past 100 (in fact, there is a possibility that many of the people being born today could live long enough to see this happen).
* Nanobots - Progress in this area will lead to a revolution in how healthcare is delivered, how people communicate, and how we use our minds. Nanobots will be injected into our bodies to cure illnesses, provide wireless communication, and enhance cognitive abilities. 100 years from now nanobots might be as common as cell phones transforming all our daily lives.
* mechanical bodily enhancements - Progress is being made in robotic assisted body parts. 100 years from now powerful exoskeletons will help us all be more agile and stronger. They might even be implantable and thus part of everyday life.

These are just some of the possibilities. Clearly there will be others that we have not even imagined yet. Just think back 100 years and all the changes that have occurred since then. If that rate of change continues through the next century, the future will be nothing like it is today.

What do you think?

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