Sunday, June 1, 2014

Personal Improvement - Gratitude And Appreciation

I have found that there are two key elements that have made a drastic influence on the quality of my life. They are gratitude and appreciation.

Gratitude is being grateful and thankful for all that is in your life. This includes being thankful for all the good and all the bad as well. Being thankful for the good comes easy and makes sense, but the bad? Yes, be thankful for the bad because it is what shaped you into who you are and will continue to shape you into who you will be. The reason is because the good stuff rarely changes or motivates us. It is the bad and trying things that motivate and change us, which is what will define us. So be thankful for it all.

Appreciation means to value all that is in our lives. We are not accidents. We have been place on this planet on purpose. It is our jobs in life to figure out what that is (by pursuing our passions and developing our talents), to act on it, and then to appreciate all we have, all we do, and everyone that crosses our path. Appreciate all you have, no matter how little. Appreciate all you get to do, no matter how mundane or restricted it might be. Appreciate everyone in your life because they help you become who you are and who you will be. Value all that you have and are, that's what appreciating is all about.

These two qualities will have the largest impact on the quality of your life. What are you grateful for? What do you appreciate?

What do you think?