Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Creativity - Why Create?

One of thoughts that sometimes keeps me from creating is "It's been done before, why do it again?" Is this true? In many respects it is true. There really is nothing truly original. For example, are movies original? No they are just a combination of "moving" photographs and plays. What about the computer? No, it's just a combination of many tools that were once done by hand (writing, calculating, storing memory, etc…). So if that is true, why create at all? Here are my reasons for creating:

* When you create, you produce something that is uniquely yours. You add your take on it.
* When you create, you update something for the times you life in.
* When you create, you express what makes you human. We are the only "animals" who create.
* When you create, you make your life and the lives you touch richer.
* When you create…

I think that's enough. You can fill in the rest. so go and create already.

What do you think?