Monday, June 23, 2014

Observations - Grades And Intelligence

Do the grades you earned in school reflect your intelligence? I don't think grades necessarily reflect intelligence. I think that grades generally reflect character and work ethic. After nearly 20 years of teaching I can say that the students who worked the hardest and behaved the best in class usually got the best grades. One trend I have noticed that is growing in our schools is that of intelligent students not wanting to work and getting poor grades. More and more I hear teachers talking about a bright and gifted student who is flunking a class because they have not done any of the assignments. My oldest Son is an example of this. He is quite intelligent, but refused to do the work required. As a result he got poor grades and was not able to move on to college. His poor grades were the direct result of his lack of character and poor work ethic. Unfortunately he will pay for it for the rest of his life in missed opportunities.

What do you think?