Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Economy - Wages

Wages have finally started to rise, but not evenly. The largest increase in wages have gone to workers in the areas of energy, technology, and health care. The areas in which wages have gone up the slowest are retail and government. This is consistent with the trends we have seen over the past few years. Areas in which there is a demand for skilled workers keep seeing gains. Areas in which there are fewer skills in demand have seen stagnation and even job losses. The key take away is that if you want to see your pay increase, do what you can to get work in the areas that are growing. For that you need to have training and experience in the S.H.T.E.M. positions. S.H.T.E.M. stands for science, health care, technology, engineering, and math. These are the areas that will grow and provide the best wages today and in the future.

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