Thursday, June 12, 2014

Chromebook - 7 Months

I have now had my Chromebook for about 7 months. I originally purchased my Acer C720 on a whim just to see what I could do with it. It soon became my main computing device replacing my iPad and Mac Mini (though I still use them on occasion when I need to do something that is not yet possible on my Chromebook). My Chromebook is working as well as it did the first day I fired it up. The speed has not diminished, the boot up time has not increased, and the battery life is still amazing. I have had no security issues or crashes. All he system updates have been seamless and without incident. I did do a "powerwash" (resets everything to factory specs) a few months back just to see what that would do, but have had no need to do one again. My Chromebook has worked flawlessly since day 1.

What do I do on my Chromebook? I mainly write on it. I also check my email, surf the internet, keep up on Google+ and Quora, listen to music, and watch videos. All the basic stuff you would do with any device. So far this has been the best $200 I have ever spent. I have also have not spent another penny on any apps or software. This has been the least expensive system I have ever owned. So here is to another 7 months of great computing and saving a ton of money.

What do you think?