Tuesday, June 10, 2014

News - Daily Summary

World: Minor clashes continue in Ukraine as talks take place between Ukraine's new government and Russia. Nothing seems to have been solved yet. In Iraq, militants have taken over Mosul and freed 1200 prisoners. In Afghanistan 5 U.S. soldiers were killed by friendly fire. Now why did we invade these countries? The rest of the world is basically unchanged and besides the usual crimes and tragedies, there were no new major developments.

U.S.: Stocks were basically flat today. Gold and oil were higher as was the dollar. High ranking incumbent republican congressman Eric Cantor lost in his primary to tea party challenger Dave Brat in what is being called an epic upset. Lets see if the anti-incumbent mood grows, which would be good for us all. In California a judge has struck down teacher tenure in what might be a landmark decision. I doubt that a higher court will let this stand since most of the judges have all been appointed by democrats who will side with the teachers unions (who are for teacher tenure). If the ruling stands it might be the beginning of true education reform across the U.S. Other than the usual crimes, tragedies, and trivialities, there were no other new major developments in the U.S. today.

It was another day in the calm before the coming economic storm.

What do you think?