Thursday, June 5, 2014

Chromebook - USB To Ethernet

One thing that is lacking on Chromebooks are Ethernet connectors. So, if you want to hook up your Chromebook to a wired network you will need to buy a USB to Ethernet connector. I decided to give this a try since I have a wired network at work. I stopped by my local Best buy and picked up a USB to Ethernet connector (they only had one brand in stock) and plugged it in. At first it did not work right, but I was able to get it working once I turned my WIFI off. Fortunately I did not need a driver. So can you hook a Chromebook up to a wired network? You sure can and I am doing so as I write and publish this posts.

At first it bothered me that Chromebooks do not come with Ethernet connectors, or CD/DVD drives, or a VGA port, or a hard drive. Then it dawned on me. Most of the time I do not use any of those things, so why pay for them if I really don't use them? If I need them I can get connectors or external drives. In fact, I had those already from picking them up over the years. So far I have used an external CD/DVD drive, and external hard drive, an external monitor using a HDMI to DVI cable, a USB to Ethernet connector, a keyboard, a mouse, and a track mouse. Everything worked without a problem, which pleasantly surprised me.

What do you think?