Thursday, June 26, 2014

Observations - Disneyland

My family and I spent the day at Disneyland yesterday. Both parks (Disneyland and California Adventure) were quite busy, and boy was it expensive. A one day pass that allows you access to both parks was $150! So for a family of four it costs $600 just to get in the door. Then you need to factor in parking, food, snacks, and trinkets. I would say that a one day visit for a family of four costs about $800-1000. Fortunately for me, my son now works in the park and we were able to get in at a discount. So is it worth going? The Disneyland experience is amazing and the parks are as good as I have ever experienced (and we have been to Disneyland many times over the last 30 years), but for $800-1000 I would not go. I would especially not go if the Parks are busy like they were yesterday for us. We spent most of the day in lines. Do you want to spend that kind of money to stand in line? If you have never been to Disneyland, then it might be worth the expense and experience. Try to see if you can go on a day when most of the annual passes are blocked so that there are fewer people in the parks. Also, spend one day in Disneyland and another in California Adventure if you can afford to do that. There is just too much to do.

What do you think?