Wednesday, June 4, 2014

News - Daily Summary

World: The civil war continues in Eastern Ukraine and the casualties are mounting. It is going to be interesting to see how far the government of Ukraine is willing to go to subdue the eastern provinces. In Syria, Assad claims victory in the election that took place yesterday. Was there any doubt? Things were calm across the rest of the middle east. Interestingly things have been fairly calm with Iran. There were no new developments in Egypt or Libya. In Asia tensions are still high across the East China Sea and there were no new developments with North or South Korea.

U.S.: Stocks were a bit higher today. Gold and oil were down today and the dollar was basically flat (compared to the Euro). A Marine Corp Harrier crashed in California. No injuries were reported. Last time a jet went down in California (San Diego) several people were killed on the ground. So it was good news that it seems that no one was injured. Other than the usual crimes and tragedies, there were no new major developments in the U.S. today.

It was another day in the calm before the storm.

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