Friday, June 20, 2014

Personal Improvement - Finish What You Start

I find it very easy to start things and then not finish them. Unfortunately success is not measured in what you start, but in what you finish. So how do you get things finished? First, finishing is a habit, so begin by finishing the small stuff in your life. These are the thing you can get done in less than a day. Start small and work up to bigger things. Then, work on things that take longer. Finally, don't start something new until you finish something else. Also, with the big projects in your life. Break them down into things you can get done in a day. For example, if you are creating a book, focus on writing a page or two a day instead of the whole thing. If you are earning a college degree, focus on showing up to class and getting the work done for the day before you move on to something else.

Finishing is a habit. Start small and work up to bigger things. Finish something before you start something else.

What do you think?