Thursday, November 12, 2015

Writing more

I started keeping a journal digitally once again. I seem to bounce back and forth. I had been writing in paper notebooks, but I stopped once I got my new iPhone 6s. I just wanted to put it to greater use than just texting, surfing the internet, and checking my email. By keeping a journal on it, I have the ability to write anyplace I want to and anytime I want to. I can also take what I write and post it to my blog with ease. I have also started to use my Chromebook more. I think it is because when there is WIFI, it is just easier to write using my Chromebook. As a result I have been creating blog posts once again. I have also become a bit of a writing machine. I am writing and average of over 2000 words a day in my journal. I think that is awesome and credit it to being able to write that much to having access to a device 24/7/365. Also, I have no excuse not to write since my iPhone is always with me.

What do you think?