Sunday, November 8, 2015

My Chromebook

I started using my Chromebook once again. I was using my Android tablet, or my Windows laptop, or my Mac Mini or my new iPhone when I got it (yes I have a lot of devices), but I came back to using my Chromebook. Why? It is the fastest device I have for the internet. I also get the full version of websites and not the mobile ones that are not as robust. I also do a lot of writing and my Chromebook is perfect for all I do. I use the Word web based application for my writing so that I can access it from any other device if I want to. I also keep coming back to the fact that I spent less than $200 on my Chromebook while all my other devices have cost much more to have the same functionality. Now the only drawback is having to be online to have the full functionality of my Chromebook, but that does not seem to be an issue as it used to be. I have access to WIFI just about every place I go (which is quite nice). I also have a hotspot on my iPhone if I need to access the internet and I don't have WIFI. In the end, I just like the ease and simplicity (and the low cost) of my Chromebook over all my other devices.