Sunday, November 29, 2015

The best part of using a Chromebook

I could list some apps here, or some other thing I enjoy doing on my Chromebook, but that is not what I like best about my Chromebook. The best part about using my Chromebook is the battery life. I have been using my Chromebook for more than an hour and have only used 96% of the charge. How awesome is that? According to the the battery charge graphic, I have over 9 hours left to use my Chromebook. No other device (even my iPhone) last that long! The best part is that even when I am doing something like watching videos, the battery life is still longer than any device I own. So I basically get a fully functioning laptop with amazing battery life. Yes I have to be connected to the internet for full functionality, but at least I know I can go all day without worrying about how long I can continue working on my Chromebook Not bad for something that cost me less than $200.

What do you think?