Monday, November 16, 2015


I think hat one of the biggest reason many of do not experience as much success as we possibly can is because of fear. It is fear that keeps us from trying. It is fear that keeps us from putting those words on the page. It is fear that keeps us from playing the notes in our souls. It is fear that keeps us from creating thae masterpiece within us.

So how do you conquer fear? First, recognize it in all it's forms. From paralysis to procrastination, from platitudes to blame, from fault finding to anger, fear takes on amy forms. If something is keeping you from moving forward, it probably is a form of fear. Second, after you recognize the fear, take small steps forward into what ever it is that you are thinking of doing. Put some words on the page. Pick up the phone and dial. Play that first note. Pick up that brush and make a line. Just start taking steps. Finally, keep taking steps until you get there.

The reality is that you will never be rid of fear. You just have to learn to act in spite of it. \

Oh yeah, that's called courage!

What do you think?