Monday, August 4, 2014

World News – Ebola

I just finished reading some of the news of the Ebola virus. It looks like there has been a major outbreak in Africa and it might be out of control (though no one is stating it clearly). So far there have been over 800 deaths and more are dying every day. What is different this time is that many of the medical staff that has responded to the outbreak has contracted the disease. Is this the one? Is this the “pandemic” we have been warned about for decades? There’s a report that a 72 year old woman collapsed and died from fever and vomiting at Gatwick in London as she came off a plane from Sierra Leone. If this woman tests positive for Ebola, then the game is afoot (sorry for the Sherlock Holmes reference). There is also a report that the CDC has set up a quarantine area at Los Angeles International Airport. Why? Do they know more than they are telling us? What if the Virus is out of control, when would they tell us? This could get scary rather quickly. Hopefully it will all be contained and we will have to wait for another day for the pandemic that will decimate the world.

What do you think?