Friday, August 8, 2014

Technology - Chromebook

I am glad to be back using my Chromebook. Yes, I can't do everything that I did on my Windows laptop, but I can do most of everything without any glitches or waiting for things to load. I love the speed of my Chromebook. I did not realize how fast it was. Considering that it only has a Celeron chip, I am blown away at how fast it boots and how fast it navigates the internet. For example, I used Google Docs on both machines. On my Windows laptop I would load Google Docs and go get something to drink while it loaded. On My Chromebook I just click on it and seconds later I am off and writing. Considering how much writing i do, it saves me lots of time just using my Chromebook. Now I do miss Word and Finale (for writing music), but I can live without them and enjoy all the added minutes I have to being productive.

What do you think?