Monday, October 13, 2014

The Economy - Stocks

Wow, stocks are correcting. Is the FED going to let them fall more than 10%? Or will they step in and start buying stocks and bonds before they do? Time will tell, but maybe the market has finally figured out what the rest of us have. There has been no real recovery. Sure, the numbers have recovered, but they have all been rigged to look better than things truly are. We all know that. Just look at your local shopping center. People might be there, but they are not buying very much. Look at your local restaurants. They do not seem to have very many people in them. Are people getting jobs? Are people getting raises or promotions?

In my neck of the woods things have not improved much over the last 7 years and things will probably get worse now that we see a correction on Wall Street. It might be a good time to go to cash if you are in the market. If it's just a correction you can buy back in when the market turns. If this is worse than a correction, then you will look like a genius.