Thursday, January 30, 2014

Jobs of the Future

The internet has changed just about everything. Just look at the music industry, the book industry, and the newspaper industry. Those areas have all been transformed by the internet. So what about the jobs of the future? What will they be and what will they look like? If the previous industries are any indication, the jobs of the future will involve more and more individual endeavors rather than corporate endeavors.

About 100 years ago, our world experienced the final move from a mostly agrarian economy to an industrial one. We went from most people working on a farm a providing most of what they consumed for themselves and others, to most people working in factories and depending on others for what they consumed. We went from individual production to corporate production. Now thanks to the internet, we are experience a move back to individual production.

The jobs of the future will be more individualistic and focused on producing original and custom products. These types of jobs will require greater creativity, continued learning, cooperation among small groups, and personal responsibility and motivation. Unfortunately our modern societies are still focused on producing workers for the industrial age. It is going to be interesting to see how we adapt to the coming changes.

What do you think?